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Janni Lee Simner

Dear Book,

That’s an interesting idea. A very interesting idea.

But I need to know. Metaphorically speaking, is this an “oh, you’re a wolf!” moment or a “let’s kill the parent!” moment?

You know what I mean. Even if nobody else does.


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Janni Lee Simner
10 January 2013 @ 04:46 pm

From the very first sentence (“We were outstripping the night”), this is a stronger book than The Planet Savers.

The Sword of Aldones is the story of Lew Alton, who’s returning to Darkover, the world of his birth, which he fled some years earlier–and there’s already tension in that. Lew is the child of two worlds, Terra and Darkover, and the friction between them–which informs most of the Darkover books–feels much more vivid here than in The Planet Savers, which is maybe part of why this book, for all its flaws, feels like a real Darkover book. And while I never cared about Jay Allison, I cared about Lew from the moment I met him, with his angsty past and the Dark Backstory he was clearly fleeing.

Although, when three chapters later I was still meeting piece after piece of that Dark Backstory, waiting for the real story to begin, I maybe cared a little less.

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Mirrored from Desert Dispatches: Wordpress Edition.