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Janni Lee Simner
17 December 2003 @ 08:57 am
Keiko buried.

Burying the whale in secret was bad enough, given how deeply and clearly he liked being around people. Even a few minutes watching him splashing in Heimaey harbor was enough to make it clear that pomp and circumstance and fuss would have been fine with him, even preferred. Keiko never particularly wanted to be alone in the wild, or even with other whales in the wild.

But he was also buried. At land, not at sea. Something deeply wrong with that.
Janni Lee Simner
17 December 2003 @ 12:13 pm
Rangers aren't as great as everybody supposes
Without Gondor you'd be pushing up the roses
The Ring's in our possession
We'd have to be fools to throw it away, it away
Use it, use it, yeah we should use it!
How come you're staring?
A LotR-based parody of the Buffy episode Once More, With Feeling. You know, it kinda works.

But if that's just too silly, you could always read up on Tolkien's take on elves and sex.

(Both from lnh)