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Janni Lee Simner
14 December 2003 @ 05:30 pm
An alternative to wrapping paper or paper gift bags: Arizona-based Bag and Forth sells cloth gift bags. I just ordered several and they look pretty decent. And here's a chance that at least some of the relations who receive gifts in them will reuse them in turn. I like the idea of everyone one day having their own collection of gift bags, sent around from one holiday to the next.
Janni Lee Simner
14 December 2003 @ 06:03 pm
At our local street fair today I had time to chat with folks running booths for both Clark and Dean's candidacies. Interesting stuff--the Clark representative was maybe very slightly more articulate, the Dean folks somewhat more passionate. The Clark representative talked about foreign policy and the practicalities of getting the southern vote; the Dean representatives talked about domestic social programs and about returning power to the people.

I think the passion on the Dean side is not to be underestimated: that is the sort of thing that can make voters break through their apathy and get out to vote, and given that this country is split just about 50/50 on so many political issues, it all is going to come down to getting out the vote.

But mostly this all brings out the fact that I need to do my own research more deeply, so that I can decide who I support--and then get out and do something about it.
Janni Lee Simner
14 December 2003 @ 06:56 pm
Make your own snowflakes, the old fashioned way. (From lnh)