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Janni Lee Simner
07 November 2003 @ 07:22 am
Book news! Tiernay West, Professional Adventurer (working title) will be published by Holiday House.

The short version is that this is a middle grade novel about a kid who wants to live a life of high adventure, isn't willing to wait until she grows up to do so, and isn't about to let the fact that she's stuck with an otherwise ordinary kid life get in her way.

Or, to put it another way, Walter Mitty for middle grade readers, without the tragic ending.
Janni Lee Simner
07 November 2003 @ 06:29 pm
Remember, the password is "Valencia."

Children Wait Patiently for Heavily Fortified Treehouse To Be Attacked

Hey, I can relate. So could Tiernay West--though she's just as likely to set her sights on penetrating the inpenetrable /f/o/r/t/r/e/s/s/ treehouse's defenses, because that's the sort of challenge professional adventurers go in for.