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Janni Lee Simner
26 June 2003 @ 07:53 am
Local coverage of the nation's top wildfire. The relevant mountains are about a 30-40 mile drive from here, closer as the crow flies, visible from most of the city. Driving around town, one sees smoke rising from both the Catalinas, where the Aspen fire is, and from a smaller fire in the Rincons. It all looks very volcanic during the day, when one sees just the smoke. And at night, very apocalyptic, as one stands outside watching the orange glow of flame. As fascinating as it is terrible.

Meanwhile, we're all mourning the fire damage to the town of Summerhaven, near the top of the mountain.

This morning, the wind seems to have shifted. Instead of the usual billowing smoke rising up from the mountains, there's a veil of smoke hiding them from view, and a very faint scent of char in the valley air.
Janni Lee Simner
26 June 2003 @ 01:51 pm
Things that might not have made national news: the Mount Lemmon Ski Lodge's resident kitties were successfully rescued from the fire. Their owners were down in Tucson at the time the evacuation order went out, and so had no way to get to the felines, named Kitty and Cat.