Janni Lee Simner (janni) wrote,
Janni Lee Simner

Moving Day

As I discuss in this post, I’ve been redesigning my website and blog, porting it over to a new host and moving the entire site to wordpress so that I can update more easily on the run.

I’m happy with my site, but there’s one thing that hasn’t been working: the plugin that mirrors my posts to Livejournal.

I don’t know whether the issue is with livejournal or my site, but I’ve been pretty scarce around here the past few years anyway. I’ve also become more uneasy using Livejournal, for various reasons.

All of which is by way of saying, I won’t be mirroring posts here anymore. I know it’s more of a hassle to visit my blog through my website than through my livejournal feed, but I hope you’ll come on over anyway.

On the comment form, you can subscribe to be notified of future posts by email, so you don’t even have to remember to keep coming back.

Livejournal has been awesome for many years, and I’m grateful for this community and for those of you I wouldn’t know at all if not for that community. We’ve seen each other through some good times and some rough ones, and I’ll always value that.

See you all around the web—and hopefully in person from time to time, too.
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