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21 March 2013 @ 10:06 am
"We built our base camp on avalanche terrain ... I think the wreckage was built into the frame"  

A good equinox to you all. It’s feeling like an equinox-y sort of season around here, with poppies and penstemon blooming, with the feeling that everything’s all balanced and poised for change, the citrus blossom-scented air filled with opportunities and challenges.

Or maybe that second is always true, and season change encourages us to step back and take notice.

I was asked about the source of the lyrics for this post (and to source my lyrics in general–I’ll try!) It’s from another Antje Duvekot song, Juliet.

I just might be obsessing over her music a little right now, having only recently discovered it. It’s music that takes to obsessing over well.

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