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25 November 2012 @ 01:42 pm
Ravens and zombies  

Thanksgiving morning, at the end of the latest session of Zombies Run 5K Training,* I found what may be the big piece I need to make all the little pieces of the current revision fall into place.

I don’t have the how and why of it yet. But it’s … a thing that the rest of the story can begin to shape itself around, and so is making me very happy.

And of course, once thought of, it was an obvious thing, too. :-)


*Somewhat to my surprise, the Zombies Run 5K app isn’t just a way to get a watered-down story fix until the regular Zombies Run Season 2 is released, but also what may be the best constructed 5K training program I’ve tried to date, from an actual running perspective. It’s certainly the most interesting.

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Emma Bull: Damn Fine coffeecoffeeem on November 25th, 2012 09:17 pm (UTC)
Yayyy for ravenplot advances!

Also, yayyy for good review for Zombies 5K. I just downloaded it last week...and plan to start it as soon as my sprained ankle heals. *cue eye roll* (Lesson learned: shoes designed for walking and running are a really bad idea for aerobics classes like Zumba and stuff, because they're made to keep your foot oriented forward. Dance-y things go sideways. My leg went sideways, but my shoe didn't. My ACE bandage: I sho u it.)
Janni Lee Simner: Iceland/ravensjanni on November 26th, 2012 01:17 am (UTC)
Hope you enjoy it! Be curious how it works for someone who hasn't been through other 5K training programs on and off first.

(The story itself is probably weaker than for the regular Zombies Run. But the regular Zombies run has no training stuff, so I just had to come up with my own walk/run intervals there, while I'm really liking the training stuff for the 5K program. Tradeoffs!)

But yes, heal first! I got in trouble and off of running by running on an injured heel. Which ... I also injured by wearing the wrong shoes. I had this brilliant idea that I would extend the life of my running shoes by always walking in walking sandals. Turns out those particular walking sandals ... weren't, really. For serious walking, that is.

But when you're ready, I'm totally ready to geek out about running from zombies together. :-)
Emma Bull: Heh.coffeeem on November 26th, 2012 02:32 am (UTC)
I think we can both be Runner Five, just from different towns. *g*
Janni Lee Simner: Iceland/ravensjanni on November 26th, 2012 02:49 am (UTC)
Or you can be the d runner 5 and I ... okay, maybe not. :-)
Emma Bull: Heh.coffeeem on November 26th, 2012 02:52 pm (UTC)
Doood! *shamble, shamble* Gimme back my backpack! *shamble, shamble*
Janni Lee Simner: Iceland/ravensjanni on November 26th, 2012 10:00 pm (UTC)
(runs for the township and the helpful snipers)

"Raise the gates!"
Starshadowarielstarshadow on November 26th, 2012 02:28 pm (UTC)
I thought the original Zombies Run at least had the option to put sprints in (aka Zombie chases? or something like that)?
Janni Lee Simner: Iceland/ravensjanni on November 26th, 2012 10:01 pm (UTC)
You can add sprints. Never did because not on GPS ... and also because I already run so slow that I have little speed-up in me ... but I didn't think to do it as walking except when the sprints come and running only then. That could be fun.
Starshadowarielstarshadow on November 26th, 2012 02:27 pm (UTC)
I presume that with the Zombies Run app, you have to have your phone on you when you're running? Which, since I don't have my music on my phone, means that if I'm not watching TV while running, I'm going to have to choose between listening to music or hearing the little audio story thingees. It does look as though it works on a treadmill, though, which is good news.
Janni Lee Simner: Iceland/ravensjanni on November 26th, 2012 10:03 pm (UTC)
I've done it on a treadmill fine. GPS doesn't work on my device anyway.

I have an iPod, not an iPhone, but yeah, it is pulling the playlist that's on the iPod ... I think maybe it supports different ways of having playlists, but that they have to be somewhere in a phone. Don't know if the phone part needs to be turned on at the same time or not. The app itself is independent of the phone function of the iPhone, I believe.