At the Tucson Festival of Books last month, I was interviewed by the Pima County Library's Himmel Park Teen Book Club and IT Nation Teens. Hear the entire interview online.

I have a post up today at on running away to Minneapolis ... I mean Bordertown.

There's still time to win copies of the paperbacks of both Faerie Winter and Welcome to Bordertown here.

School Library Journal reviews Faerie Winter (meant to blog this one earlier): "Faerie Winter is a beautifully crafted tale, peopled with believable characters and overflowing with dramatic plot twists. But perhaps the most exceptional quality is the vivid imagery that plunges readers into the story and keeps them enchanted throughout. Fans of both fantasy and dystopian fiction will devour this one."

Rachel Ann Hanley reviews Thief Eyes.

I'm now linkblogging at (Opinions welcome about whether I should continue to share those random links here as well.)
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